Promotional USB Flash Drives Manufacturer , Keys -usb custom logo , promotional USB Key duplication -

Provider of confidence of many French companies and international, To Be Flash is specialized in creation, integration, the duplication and the protection of USB keys of quality, video booklets, or Web Key at ends of advertising communication or intern.

Your keys under 3 DAYS, it is possible with the doming….

The keys USB 3D, in VIDEOS…

Simple duplication or with protection…

3 ranges of USB keys entirely personnalisables

With marking logo in serigraphy, engraving, numerical or embossage according to the models.


An USB key pointing towards a link Internet for an interactive communication targeted with fine direct or event-driven marketing.

Video flyer

A multi-media booklet which integrates the comfort of the printed paper personalized into the effectiveness of a video on screen.

French provider of USB keys personalized, key metal USB, wood, plastic, leather. USB keys to measure with the personalized or simple forms credit cards. To Be Flash studies, conceives, manufactures, duplicates and protect from the keys USB advertising executives, but also from the Web Key paper and video booklets all formats.

National distribution, fast completion dates, consultings to measure by telephone or on go.

Telephon +331.47.74.54 .32.

Coordinates: 24, 30 rue Carles Hébert 92400 Courbevoie – France